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IELTS Online Test Examples

Many IELTS candidates have been crazy with the opportunity to review online – the IELTS online review. The IELTS online aims to bring an online-based training to IELTS reviewers to the different parts of the country. The IELTS online review program is specifically designed to guide candidates in learning, understanding, and developing their English skills for the exam. The IELTS online focuses on giving a quality training: using materials and techniques to hone their English for the exam.

ielts online review

What do students expect in an IELTS online program?
  • A more focused delivery of lectures as the attention of the teacher is solely focused on a single student
  • Access to quality video tutorials that will supplement knowledge and practice to all students
  • Speaking and writing feedback 
  • Improvement of speaking with greater accuracy, fluency, and pronunciation
  • Better skills in reading and listening through proven and tested techniques and strategies
Here are sample test examples and sample responses for the speaking and writing for the IELTS online review:


Musical Instruments

Which instrument do you like listening to?

Listening to music is a not only entertaining but also a form of relaxation for me. I enjoy listening to music played with a saxophone. Jazz music, for example, makes me feel rested and calm after a busy day at school.

Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?

Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. When I was a kid, enrolling in such classes was a thing for the rich, and I came from a poor family, so I never had the chance to learn.

What do most people do to keep fit in your county?

Nowadays, a lot of Filipinos have become more conscious with their health, with their body. What most people do is go to the gym. There has been an increase in the number of people in the gym trying to lose weight despite their busy schedules at work and in school. Also, some eat a balanced diet. People eat less meat and more vegetables to be healthier.

Why do some people choose to lead unhealthy lives?

It is always a choice to live an unhealthy life. For some university students, preparing a home-cooked meal will take time and could be costly. As a result, these students prefer to eat fast food such as burgers, pizza or instant noodles. They do not have time and money.

Writing (General Training)


You have recently started work in a new company.

Write a letter to an English-speaking friend. In your letter,
  • Explain why you changed jobs
  • Describe your new job
  • Tell him/her your other news

Dear Raymond,

How have you been? I am sorry if I sent a response a week late. I just moved in to my new apartment, nearer to my new job. Yes, you heard that right. I have found a new job! As you know, I was having a hard time with my work schedule on my previous job. The problem was I had to work graveyard shifts, and that really made me weak and unproductive at work. Luckily, I was able to find a day job.

The job is still basically a virtual assistant. I have to make reports and presentation to my boss, but the good thing is he lives in Australia. Our time zones are the same, so I can work more efficiently. I am really happy with this new job of mine.

Oh! By the way, I also bought a new car. My mom gave me some money from her retirement, so I decided to sell my old car and get a new one. I will be happy to pick you up next week for some drinks. Let me know asap if you are available.

Take care of yourself!

With love,

These are only some great activities on speaking and writing one can practice on in an IELTS online review. The IELTS review online is a great way to prepare for the IELTS. It is convenient and effective that any candidate will surely be satisfied with the training they get.

Sources: IELTS Cambridge 6 and 7

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