Thursday, January 19, 2017

Best Coaching Center for IELTS Review Training

When it comes to taking examinations, the amount of review a test taker undertakes is the top factor that can make or break his/her band score. In the IELTS, reviewing for the test is greatly emphasized as questions or tasks are extremely challenging. Thus, IELTS test candidates often rely on IELTS review centers to help them prepare for the examination.

ielts review center

IELTS test candidates understand how important and crucial it is for them to hit their target band scores; hence, failing the test is not an option. Fortunately, nowadays, most IELTS centers offer review options to their candidates. Recently, more and more students are enrolling in an IELTS online review as it a more convenient method in learning the IELTS than a classroom-based review.

Whether you decide to be in an IELTS review center or try the comfort of an IELTS online review, there are some points to consider before taking part in these review courses. Here are some factors that you can consider in finding the best IELTS coaching center.

Accessibility to Your Workplace or Home
As a student, you should be in a review center that is close to your work, school or home—to your jumping-off point to the review. Why is location important? Students have to arrive at the center ready for lectures. If a review center is not accessible, then it is not conducive to your learning. As much as possible, choose a center near your area, or better yet, take an IELTS online review to avoid any inconvenience.
Up-to-Date Review Materials
What makes an IELTS review center successful in having a 100% passing rate depends on the materials used in class. These modules or review materials must be up-to-date to keep up with the latest trends in the examination. Further, these materials should be from various sources. A vast library of resources means better practices for the test.
Experienced Teachers or Instructors in Teaching the IELTS
Who else would know the challenges in reviewing? An experienced instructor understands the difficulty students have in the review. IELTS instructors plan their lectures well and devise teaching strategies that can make reviewing fun and educational. An IELTS review center only has the best teachers who facilitate the class and ensure learning all throughout the program.
Student’s Progress Assessment and Monitoring
Students’ performance is evaluated through weekly mock exams. The results of the mock exams indicate the level of development of the students’ skills. The best coaching center uses these mock exams as a basis of the strengths and weaknesses of students. With mock exams, instructors can guide their students to further skill building, fully preparing them  to take the examination.
 If these considerations are all on your list, then you are in good hands. What candidates need to bear in mind is that before deciding to which review center, they must be very keen in checking the quality of services the center provides, as it plays a vital role in the development of one’s English language skill.


  1. hello maam.. if i enroll at jrooz online review, can i choose u to be my teacher?

    1. Hi Ginger,

      Lectures are recorded so you just need to play in case you want to watch it again. As for the writing and speaking coaching sessions, a teacher will conduct it live via Skype. I'm afraid that you cannot chose me as your teacher since JRooz have dedicated intructors for online review. Rest assured that JRooz Online provide instructors can assess and help you with your weak points for you to achieve the band score that you desire.

      For inquiries you can contact details provided in