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4 Strange but Effective Exercises to Bolster your Brain Power

From students looking to pass the current semester with flying colors to graduate students seeking professional certification, it’s every test taker's dream to achieve high scores in their examinations. And what's the most effective way to ace your academic assessments? By thorough review and practice of course!

ielts exam preparation

Whether it’s an everyday pop quiz or a high-stakes international evaluation like the IELTS, preparation will always be the key to examination success. If you are taking the IELTS test, it's highly recommended that you enroll in a facility-based IELTS training course or an IELTS review online program. Both study approaches provide in-depth courses about the assessment's essential. JRooz review center instructors dissect and discuss the various components of the IELTS exam. Likewise, IELTS review online teachers also take their apart the IELTS sections and take their students through a comprehensive program to help them adapt to the evaluation's demands.

The two training methods differ on their medium and location for teaching. JRooz review center sessions are conducted in a classroom environment while the IELTS review online classes are facilitated via Internet-based channels.

Aside from enrolling in a test training, you can also boost your chances of securing your band score goals by engaging in brain-boosting activities. Don't worry, if you are not fond of doing mind-empowering exercises that take up too much time and preparation, here are four strange but simple ways that you can boost your enhance your mental cognition.

Break your Routine  
So switch around your habits. Most people have an established routine that they follow every day. Challenge your daily cycles. Many brain imaging studies reveal that engaging in spontaaneous activities can stimulate your mental performance - specifically in the cortex. Thus, restricting yourself to a set routine can cause activities in this particular region of your brain to decline.

Here are some habit-breaking exercises that you can do:
  • Use your non-dominant hand
  • Switch seats at the table during meals
  • Study your review notes outside of your house
  • Rearrange your household routine schedules
  • Reorganize your household furniture and decor

Challenge your Senses  
These brain-boosting exercises run on the same vein as the previous activity. Most people rely too much on their sense of sight. While this is not necessarily a bad habit, it does lead most people to neglect the use of their other senses. Stimulate your brain activities by spicing up your everyday routine and depending more on your other senses.
Here are some sense-challenging activities that you can engage in:
  • Take a bath with your eyes closed
  • Eat your meals blindfolded
  • Navigate through your house sightless 
  • Master your home's distinct sound signatures
  • Familiarize yourself with your home's various scent signatures

Embrace the Unfamiliar  
Most people prefer familiarity over the unknown.  They stick with the practices that they've known for the longest time. However, while this inclination can ensure that they will get what they expect, it does tend to restrict your lifestyle to a certain routine. Get out of your comfort zone. Participating in activities that you wouldn't usually consider stimulates your mental performance since you have to grasp new concepts.

Talk to Yourself  
Use English when you talk to yourself. Speak out loud as you deliberate over your tasks and thoughts. Engaging in a conversation with yourself will not only help stimulate your brain, but it also allows you to see all the sides of an issue or topic as objectively as possible. Likewise, discussing your options out loud before making decisions can help you maintain impartiality.
Engage in strange but simple mentally stimulating activities that fit the descriptions mentioned above to keep your brain in tip-top condition. Complement your IELTS preparation practices with brain-boosting exercises and increase your chances of reaching your band score goals.


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