Thursday, June 1, 2017

Expand your Vocabulary: Collective Names for Land Animals

When taking a high-stakes language exam like the IELTS, it is crucial that you make the most out of every aspect of your communication skills. Little things like your word choice can definitely contribute to your overall band score.

This is the reason excellent test review facilities - regardless of their platform of operations - include vocabulary-centered lessons in their courses. IELTS review online programs, especially those offered by JRooz Review Center, tackle the importance of word choice proficiency in written and oral discourse.

It is one thing to comprehend an unusual term courtesy of context clues. It is another thing to deliberately use an uncommon word to add depth and flair to your discourse. Not only does this show the extent of your vocabulary but it also reveals the level of proficiency you possess in using the language. Do not limit yourself to common words during your IELTS review online preparations. Supplement your JRooz Review Center classes by building up your vocabulary.

While it is a good practice to concentrate on every day terminologies, limiting your studies to these vocabulary groups can hinder your word bank development. Discovering and using the collective terms for various animals, for instance, is a subtle way of showcasing your rich linguistic knowledge.

While you may be familiar with the expressions "a herd of cows" and a "flock of birds," there is a big chance that you have not heard of the following animal collective terms.


Domestic Animals

Farm animals

farm animals 

Level up your communicative repertoire by strategically incorporating the correct terminology for collective animals into your oral and written discussions. Take JRooz Review Center lessons and learn more useful words to use in casual and academic discourse.


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