Tuesday, July 25, 2017

IELTS Hacks: Improving Vocabulary by Watching English Cartoons

Are you planning to take a class centered on improving your English grammar and vocabulary? JRooz Review Center offers both IELTS review and PTE Academic training program to help students in developing their communication skills.

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If you plan to take the IELTS review, you may opt to enroll in a facility-based or an IELTS review online course. Both classroom-based and IELTS review online programs are geared toward developing the competence of test-takers in using the English language. JRooz Review instructors know the exam inside out so you can guarantee that you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for interaction and survival in a foreign country. Furthermore, JRooz teachers are IELTS test-takers themselves so you can ensure that they will guide you all throughout the learning process.

Aside from taking IELTS or PTE Academic class, watching English cartoons is also one way to supplement your learning acquisition.

Benefits of Watching English Cartoons

•    According to a study conducted by Saife Haque about the use of cartoons in English language teaching, watching English cartoons with caption is a powerful educational tool to improve the listening comprehension skills of non-native English speakers.

•    Watching cartoons helps students visualize the things they hear and process them. Thus, improving their depth of cognitive processing.

•    Voice actors enunciate clearly. It helps in practicing proper pronunciation and enunciation of words. This is a good practice in packaging your message in a more understandable manner.

•    Most children cartoons are centered on social interactions. Watching these shows will expose you to how sentences are packaged in actual conversations.

•    Cartoons are short and fun to watch. Hence, you will not only enjoy watching, but you will also improve your grammar and vocabulary.

•    It exposes you to both simple and challenging words.

•    Cartoons are catchy. They sustain the attention of viewers. Watching these shows is a good way to acquire knowledge in a more digestible manner. It also helps in encouraging critical thinking and improving your presentation skills.
Learning English does not need to be an arduous task. Supplement your IELTS review and PTE Academic training by watching English cartoons. Make learning more fun with JRooz Review Center!


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