Useful Interview Expressions for the IELTS Speaking Test

Since the speaking test is designed as an interactive and as close to a real-life situation, IELTS test takers must have adequate vocabulary and phrases to explain their views and positions in each speaking task. As a student in JRooz IELTS Online Review program, it is important to look for practical tips and strategies that can help boost your language skills and ace the exam. For instance, using a variety of interview expressions is an essential tool that you can use during the speaking test.

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Useful Interview Expressions

Interview expressions are commonly used phrases by most people who underwent an interview or an oral examination. For test takers attending JRooz IELTS online review sessions, below is a list of useful interview expressions to help improve your IELTS speaking preparation:

        1.    If you want to say something in another way or to express your opinion in a different manner, begin your statement with the following phrases:

§  “What I’m trying to say is …”
§  “In other words…”
§  “To put it in another way…”
§  “Perhaps, I should make that clearer by saying…”
§  “What I mean is…”
        2.    When agreeing with an opinion or approving to a statement given by your examiner, use these phrases:

§  “Yes, I agree…”
§  “That is really true.”
§  “I couldn’t agree more.”
§  “That’s exactly my view.”

        3.    If you’re only partially agreeing with an opinion, start your sentence with following phrases:
§  “That is partly true, but…”
§  “I don’t entirely agree. It is true that…however…”
§  “Yes it’s true. But according to the…”

        4.    If you’re totally disagreeing with an opinion or a statement, use the following phrases:

§  “I wouldn’t say that is necessarily true.”
§  “I tend to disagree.”
§  “I’m not sure about that."
§  “I have to disagree with that”

        5.    When asking for clarification from your examiner especially during the Speaking Task 3, begin your question with the following phrases:

§  “Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Could you explain it again?”
§  “Sorry, can I just clarify what you mean. Are you asking me …?”
§  “Could you please explain what (word or phrase) means?
§  “Sorry, I’m afraid I didn’t understand the question.”

        6.    When requesting for a repetition of the question, use these questions:

§  “Sorry, would you mind repeating the question?
§  Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. Could you repeat the question?

        7.    If you’re concluding your answer, start your statement with these phrases:

§  “So, all in all…”
§  “To sum up…”
§  “To end my statement, I would like to say that”

For test takers enrolled in various IELTS review online packages, practice using these interview expressions before taking the speaking test.

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